How to get Olive Oil out of Carpet

Spilling oil on the your kitchen floor can be annoying enough, however when it seeps into your carpet, it is a completely new challenge to get it out.There are different methods to get olive oil out of your carpet but if it is not done right, the carpet could be damaged in the process.

Olive oil is without a doubt one of the most difficult substances to get out of your carpets and rugs. There are various types of olive oil, but not all of them are utilized for food preparation. Lampante oil for example is a variety of olive oil which is essentially used in oil lamps. Having said that, it doesn't matter what type of olive oil finds its way into your carpet, it can definitely be removed. Here is a very simple guide that you can try to get rid of the ugly olive oil stains on your carpet.

how to get olive oil out of carpet

How do you remove Olive Oil from Carpets


Old oil stains is usually freshened by rubbing a modest amount of liquid vegetable glycerin into them. An alternative choice to using glycerin is merely to make use of a drop or more of cooking oil. Allow the glycerin or oil sit on the blemish for 30-60 minutes, then skip to step 9.


For new stains, start by absorbing as much of the olive oil as you possibly can using an absorbent material (this could be an absorbent cloth, newspaper or brown paper bag). Press towels, newspapers or brown paper bags on the region to absorb the oil. If you are making use of a newspaper, do not let the print to set on the carpet for too long or else the ink will move to the carpet.


As soon as most of the oil has been absorbed by the paper or cloths, cover it wholly with cornstarch or baby powder. Remember to brush it over the region slightly to work it into the fibers. The cornstarch or baby powder will absorb the oil from the fibers, so you have significantly less to scrub out later on.


Let the corn starch or baby powder to sit on the spot for not less than an hour.


Vacuum the spot to get rid of the powder or cornstarch.


In the event that the spillage was substantial, do it again by using a second coating of powder or cornstarch and give it time to set for another hour.


Vacuum the excess away.


Now you are prepared to deal with the final bits of oil remaining in the carpet.


Apply a modest amount of grease-fighting dish detergent on the spot. Distribute it around to make a thin layer. Work it into the fibers a little bit using your fingers making sure that all of the areas are covered.


Scrub by using a soft brush or old toothbrush to work it in to the fibers further.


Eliminating the dish soap is considered the most time intensive part of this procedure. Although only a small amount was utilized, it suds up when water is added.


Pour a tiny bit of water on the region and instantly soak it up using a clean cloth.


Do it again till all of the soap is removed.


In case a carpet cleaner can be acquired, it will make this “rinsing” aspect less of a challenge. Take into account that quite a few units don't like suds, and the dish soap suds up if it is being vacuumed out. Empty the water container frequently to make sure that it does not become a problem.


Once the region is totally rinsed, put a few bath towels over the area and press down solidly. It will soak up the excess water.


You should let the area to dry completely.

  • A fan or home dehumidifier may be placed close to the place to help speed up the drying process. Permitting the carpet to remain damp for far too long could lead to mold.
  • Dry cleaning solution could also be used to take care of olive oil stains. Blot it onto the stained spot using a clean cloth and blot with a different cloth to clear out.
  • For additional cleaning strength, combine vinegar together with the dish detergent, then apply to the stained area.

How to remove old oil stains from carpet

You can remove old stains from your carpet no matter how dried up it might be. All you need to do is to rub a reasonable amount of vegetable glycerin or cooking oil on the spot. This will help to make the stain fresh and easily removable. You can then follow our guide on getting olive oil out of carpet from step 9.

Will shout remove grease stains?

Shout can also be used to remove grease stains.  Spray It accordingly on the oil stain and use a clean microfiber cloth to blot it . If it is an old grease stain however, you will need to freshen it and blot it with a bit of corn starch before using Shout.

Will dish soap remove oil stains?

Dish soap can be used to effectively remove oil stains from your clothes or carpet. If you want additional cleaning strength, you can add vinegar to the dish soap before applying to the affected area

Can you get olive oil out of carpet?

You can easily get Olive oil stains out of your carpet no matter how old or dried up it might be. All you need to do is freshen the stain. You will then blot it with corn starch before using an effective cleaning solution to remove the stain

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Have you formulated any cool techniques to get olive oil out of carpet?  We would like to read about them in the comments below!

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